Aadhar Card- Address Change and FAQs

Today’s world becomes completely digitalized that helps to make your task easy. Now, every person has their own banking account and has their own debit cards and credit cards. These cards are used for paying money or further transactions. Well, these are very useful to know the record of money supplies in a market. This is one of the great steps towards development.

The main documents Aadhar card which show your citizenship of India. Its meaning is base or foundation. It is valid everywhere may be you are opening your new bank account, fill up the job recruitment form or so on. Aadhar have a 12 digit unique number, which is issued by UIDAI i.e. Unique Identification Authority of India for all the resident citizens in India. It collects a biometric and demographic data of people which store them in a centralized database.

Aadhar card represents you the citizen of India. As in which your Name, Age, Address, QR code, DOB, Gender, Email ID, Mobile Number are mentioned, so you can use it as your identification card. Moreover, it is mainly valid everywhere no one can refuse it. In this article, we have compiled that how you can change your Aadhar card address.

The requirement to get an Aadhar Correction through Online:

It’s mandatory for all to register the mobile number to obtain Aadhar card corrections update through online portal mode.

  •    Once you have registered your mobile number with the Aadhar card then you can simply enter your Aadhar number to catch an on OTP i.e. One Time Password on your certified mobile.
  •    If you have lost the mobile number which is registered with Aadhar or if you haven’t registered it with Aadhar then you can contact the nearby Update Centre or through Post, you can send your Update request.

Types of Aadhar Card Correction

  •    Email ID, Gender and Mobile Change
  •    Date of Birth Correction
  •    Name Correction/Update
  •    Address Change/Corrections

Steps for Aadhar Card Address Change

If your mobile number is directly linked to your Aadhar Card then you can easily use the SSU Portal. With this portal, you can update your Aadhar Card address. The steps are as:

Step 1: You can visit the Self Service Update Portal which is designed by UIDAI from the given site:


Step 2: You have to enter your Aadhar Number.

Step 3: Further you can enter the Captcha Code after that you will be taken to the tab ‘Data Update Request’.

Step 4: Click on ‘Send OTP’.

Step 5: You receive an OTP i.e. one-time password on your certified mobile number.

Step 6: You will see the page in which you can select the changed details- Select Address.

Step 7: You can fill your Aadhar card Address details which you need to be changed.

Step 8: Upload the Aadhar card addresses change documents.

Step 9: On the successful submission, you’ll obtain the URN i.e. Update Request Number. You need to save this URN as it will help for to verify your Update status.