How to Run Android Apps with BlueStacks on Your PC?

Do you want to buy an Android tablet or phone but try Android first? You may already have a smartphone but want to run your favorite games on big screen. Now comes in Alpha, BlueStacks App Player allows you do both on your Windows PC or laptop.

Once you download BlueStacks on your PC, it will show an icon of Android bot standing on Windows logo on the top right corner of the desktop screen. It displays around 10 default apps on a menu when you place the cursor on Android icon and open the app with just one click. Once you activate it, you can interact with Android apps with your mouse and keyboard on your PC.

Some of the popular apps you may use like Talking Tom, Pulse, Drag Racing etc. By testing them on a laptop with 2.1 GHz CPU and 8GB RAM on Windows 7, we faced no bugs with the alpha version.

You can click the X icon of any Android app and close it on the bottom left corner of the screen. You can open the programs which are running in the background and access them without closing BlueStacks Android emulator by pressing just Alt + Tab keys on your keyboard.

The beauty of BlueStacks is that you can run this app like any other desktop application on your Windows. You can access this app and run the apps that you want on your PC, such as Word processor, browser etc. without having to slow down your computer. Hence, BlueStacks has managed to develop a program which runs applications from any other operating system which down need installation of any operating system on Windows. This app player works efficiently on Windows OS. So, there is no need to install any other operating system to support the apps.

You can add the apps to your BlueStacks app player just by clicking on Channels icon. You can find the list of dozens of other Android apps that you can download with your browser or just click the app icon.

You can add the apps to BlueStacks player just by clicking on the Channels icon. There are lots of other Android apps listed and downloaded with your browser. You just have to click on the app icon.

BlueStacks also features Cloud Connect with which you can transfer apps from Android device to your tablet or PC.  You should first install BlueStacks on your Android device and upload apps to Cloud Connect of BlueStacks to your tablet or PC. Though it is not available with Alpha version yet, you can download apps from Android store.

Another problem is that BlueStacks needs Vista or Windows 7, up to 2 GB of RAM, and Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor. Make sure your PC meets all these specification requirements to avoid sluggish performance after installing this app. It is absolutely designed for Windows users.


  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or latest
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • 2GB RAM or higher