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What is Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form? How to Fill It?

To give authority to a merchant or company to charge their credit card regularly on the specific dates, the recurring credit card payment authorization form is filled. The cardholder can pay their bills on the timely basis and automatically with these recurring payments and avoid the stress of paying online all the time. This way, a cardholder can easily avoid any potential service charges and late fees.

Specify the card details in the form, such as account holder name, number, CVV, expiry date, and zip code. When the payment is usually paid on monthly basis, the cardholder can easily customize the number of times they can pay for the services, by filling the form.

How to Write the Form?

  • First of all, download the recurring credit card payment authorization form template in either .docx or PDF format.
  • Read the paragraph which opens and understand the terms given in the form and make sure you agree to them. Fill the following information –
    • Your name
    • Name of merchant
    • Amount to be charged to credit card
    • Day when the amount is charged
    • Frequency (week, month, year etc.)
  • Submit the billing information, including your phone number, email address, and billing address.
  • Now provide the card details, including the type of card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express etc.), the name of cardholder, CC/Account number, Expiry Date, Zip Code, and CVV.
  • Read over the paragraph like “I understand that this authorization…” before you enter the merchant’s name once again. Fill the date, print out the form, and enter your signature.

Tips to Fill Visa Compliant Credit Card Authorization Form

Do your customers provide fax order forms to your business? Are you a B2B company who is looking forward to storing credit card data for recurring billing on file of variable amounts? A usual fax authorization form doesn’t comply with Visa requirements. It is important for a recurring billing order form to comply with the standard receipt needs and recurring rules.

Tips to Prevent Chargeback for B2B –

  • For doing this, you need to send receipt through email to the cardholder just after charging the card. If there is any dispute, the issue will be resolved quickly.
  • Send billing detail.
  • If you send e-invoice to the cardholder and they just click and pay, use EBPP. It is very difficult to dispute in ordering the items.
  • Bill and ship to the addresses that match. Be sure to have something in writing from the cardholder and make sure they authorize shipping to any other address.
  • Get a signed recurring credit card billing authorization form when it comes to storing the data.
  • Be sure the receipts have ‘repeat sale’ or ‘recurring’ sale for recurring billing.


To address all the options to ensure compliance with fax authorization, there are so many variables. To comply with PCI DSS standards, it is recommended to replace all the typical forms with credit card exposed or check information with one which defines tokens, an alpha-numeric string which is the perfect alternative to credit card data out of your payment processing.

Work Order Templates- Requirement and Uses!!

Work order templates are really important to initiate a job of a client so that every department can understand the tasks involved in it properly and can execute the tasks sequentially in such a way that the work gets done within contact time mentioned in the invoice. Writing about the importance of a work order template is a tough task because it represents a master sheet and a manager can track a particular job through this job sheet and can necessary actions according to the situation.

work order template

Let’s check how a work order template helps us maintain the workflow throughout an organization properly.

Task assignment: The first thing that we can do with the ease with the help of a work order template is assigning the tasks to the departments. When we receive an order, we roughly calculate the time and ask some departments how many days are required to complete a particular task in a particular job before promising the customer a date of delivery! So assigning the tasks evenly and making sure that the works get done within time without any delay can be ensured through a work order template.

Delay Check: When we are in the middle of any project, and we get stuck with something that is truly unavoidable, checking the time of delay and making some ways to cut down work time from other departments so that the delay can’t affect the delivery time is an important thing in business. With the help of a work order you can easily measure times theoretically and to some extent, practically. If we got a beautifully designed work order template, then our half effort of managing work is done!

Maintaining quality of the work: Though proper channelizing any work gets its best from the people involved in it. Managing time in every section is important to check quality, and a work order template helps a lot to figure out these things. Ensuring the quality in a job, we can satisfy our customers, thus building a reputation in business!

An organized work order template helps to recognize the preventive maintenance loop easily and to solve the loops to get more efficiency from the existing manpower instead of new hiring! So it helps in deciding a great way!

Organizing human resources: In an organization, no one wants to waste its humanitarian efforts in any way. To optimize the human efforts in an organization, we need data and work order helps us getting a lot of data right from the work assignment to the delivery of the product or service to the customer.

Research: With the data got from a work order template, we can calculate the efficiency of our manpower and analyze how much time we need to allocate for a particular project. Sometimes data provides us the opportunity, and we can explore those using the data got from a work order. So to get these, we need to standardize the format so that everyone in the organization goes by the sheets and do tasks assigned to a work order template!

Why Not To Buy Fake Degrees?

A Brief Dialogue on Why Not To Buy Fake Degrees

Nowadays, education scams have taken a new structure. It is no more concerned with assisting candidates for getting admission in reputed college or course or even misguiding them regarding any institution. Scammers are now offering direct degrees to the candidates without pursuing or attempting concerned courses. Most of such scams were done by the help of fraudulent websites which are known as ‘degree or diploma mills’. Though these degree mills are very impressive to call an attention of undereducated populaces still there are great reasons why not to buy fake college degrees in reality.

Reasons Why Not to Buy Fake College Degrees

There are various measures which are promoted as key features of owning fake degrees online. These features are, though, nothing but a mere illusion to distract and cut the pockets of the individuals easily. Some of these prominent aspects can be cross-checked in the following way:

Online legitimacy check: Almost every online degree mill services claim that candidates and employers can check the legitimacy of the certificate by accessing the website of the college and entering the details of the candidate. Candidates are not required to get worried about the documentation check, as employers will surely found the details on the website.   

But in reality, the current period is a Google phase and having such powerful tools in hands, employers can easily cross-check the legitimacy of the college and the degree of the candidate, together and at any point of time. This is the foremost reason why not to buy fake college degrees online. Instead, you can create fake transcripts if you want as it is less illegal as compated to buying a fake college degree altogether. 

The relevance of the institutions: There are various online institutions which have secured the legitimate authority to provide certificates, only to those candidates who are enrolled in their courses actually. But if any of the institutions circumvents the legal conditions or miss-interpret the rules and regulations of any law due to various loopholes, it would have been enlisted to the blacklist of the institutions, created by the state. Employers can reject any degree or certificate if they find the name of the institution in such lists.

The absence of genuine learning: in any regular or genuine course schedule, candidates are made to learn various things as part of their course. Now, in the case of fake degrees approach, in a way to just fetch a job, would not lead the candidate towards the much higher side of their career. Moreover, there are greater chances that even they would not get succeeded in fetching the job, to which they have obtained a fake degree.   

As another flip side of this aspect, it is also possible that this fake degree fraud may get exposed at later or higher stage of career, which may bring down any candidate to zero and from that point, there is surely no way to go but to just suffer.

Considering the above points, it can be seen easily that there are more cons than that of the pros of having fake degrees, sufficing enough as a reason why not to buy fake college degrees at all.

Why is custom Shipping Label template a good option?

The Shipping Label template has emerged as one of the brilliant solutions for the companies that need to send a lot of package to their customers. As we all know that every package has the information about the product, sender and the recipient. All this is written on a label which is put onto the package so that the delivery can be made accordingly.

Now there are two options, either you design the template for the company or go for the pre-designed ones. The second option is definitely the best and is gaining a lot of popularity. It is because of the simple reason that it saves a lot of time as well as the money. This is the reason that people prefer the existing templates only as it is designed in the right format.

Custom Shipping Label template

Though you have a number of pre-designed Shipping Label template available on the internet if you wish to customize it for your company you can easily do so without any problem. Customization is not only beneficial in many ways but you are able to give a unique look to the label thereby making it more appealing. So if you really want to stand out from the others, customization is surely a decent way to get started as it proves helpful for the business too.

Gone are the days when people used to rely on the professionals for creating labels but now the internet offers you excellent formats which can be picked as per your choice. It is entirely your choice as which template looks the best and you can easily make the choice. In order to personalize the labels, you can add a logo or of your company or can have a tagline printed on it. Apart from the logo, you can add symbols as well to the labels which you use for the company. In this way, you are able to give a fresh effect to the labels.

Choosing label size and color

Earlier only black color was used for the labels and even the font size was fixed but now you can experiment not only with the size but the colors as well. You are free to pick any font size which is visible from a distance and the color that brings out the beauty of the label. Thus the right combination of both the things can definitely give a complete look to the label thereby making it look striking and eye catching.

If you too are interested in making your labels more appealing then personalizing them can be a superb idea. With its help, you not only make a difference to your labels but recognizing them becomes easy. Thus you can say that there are lots of benefits of going for the customized option, so why not give it a try as it can definitely make your labels highly interesting. The best part is that you find them in many formats so can download the right one catering to your requirements.

High School Diploma Templates – Printable Templates Download

You need a proper recognition from a university or institution to showcase your proven knowledge and expertise. Despite the fact that talent matters more than degrees, but ironically, you cannot get second chance to showcase your skills and expertise if you don’t have a certificate. In any job interview, minimum qualification is always asked in the academic sector. Along with it, your career growth will be a lot slower than others without having a degree. Other people who have less knowledge may take advantage of that with a degree.

If you overlook the importance of a degree, there are chances that you may be making your career chances narrower if you don’t have one. Even without having job satisfaction, you may be forced to stick to one job and one employer for a long run. Now you may have got the things why you need a high school diploma certificate. If you have talent, it doesn’t work until you get opportunities. You need to have a degree to dig out the right opportunities that are important for your career. This way, you can make your career graph steeper and climb the ladders of success.

Importance of High School Diploma Template

High school diploma template is known to be the ideal example of a value of degrees in our professional life. If there is a person with same skills and knowledge and you have high school diploma on the other side, it is no doubt that you will get higher preference for the job. You are not guaranteed for a job with a degree but it can definitely make things easier to get a job.

With having a certificate, you can easily certify your skills and knowledge and make your CV even stronger to be ranked in the elite group where skills and knowledge meet. In the modern world, no company needs an educated dumb who just have theoretical knowledge. These days, you should also have basic management skills to get noticed among other candidates. Management skills are always sharpened and taught in every high school. If you have all the technical skills and you are not from a traditional school, you may be lacking in management skills.  

Why Do You Need High School Diploma?

Obviously, your degrees are the ones that can justify your skills. In order to have a sorted list of candidates who are eligible, we need to have a balance of job experience and academic background or project managed. So, it works as an added advantage that can give you an edge over anyone in the process of job selection.

High school diploma template are considered as a basic degree which is asked usually to apply a process of selection. It doesn’t matter where you are applying, private or public sector, the degree is a very important thing to showcase your talent.

High school diploma templates matter very much by the institution or university you are reading in. After completing all the requirements, a diploma is awarded by the universities and institutions and you are recognized as their student.