Geometry Dash 2.1 Meltdown features and review

Geometry Dash, this game is very addictive and fascinating, everyone loves this game like anything and most of them forget everything while playing this game and play this for hours, you may wonder why so? You will get the answer for that question in this post.

There are many user customized version and developer developed a unique version of this game all over the web. This is the main reason why many people love this game as they can customize the game for their own version and enjoy playing it also sharing it with others.

Like I have mentioned above, there are many versions of this game on the web, one such version is the Meltdown the extension of the game, the meltdown is a free version of geometry dash and it is completely ad-free and you can directly download it from their official website.

Meltdown is an ad-free version or an expansion of geometry dash developed by Rob Top Games and was published to the open world on 19th December 2015. Almost after 2 years, this version of the game, even today has millions of active users. Currently, the meltdown is available for Android and iOS.

Let us now see the features and review of the meltdown version of Geometry Dash 2.1

Geometry Dash melts down features:

    Meltdown is one of the popular version of geometry dash till date, with millions of downloads and many websites, offer online play environment for this version of geometry dash.

    Meltdown extension of the app is completely ad-free and free to download too, so it’s really great to get a free version of the game without ads.

    The meltdown was previously released only for steam users and later the game is available for Android and iOS operating systems too.

    This version of the geometry dash features 3 new exclusive levels.

    Meltdown features a lot of achievements which tends the gamers to have competition and more interesting to play it.

    Meltdown also features limited collections of rewards and items inside the game itself, which is great for the players.

    It also provides a variety of icons and you can also transfer your achievements to the main version of the geometry dash.

    You will unlock some special set of achievements when you collect some secret coins in higher levels of the game.

    You can access the vaults in this version of the game as it will provide you codes to unlock achievements and collect some exciting rewards.

You can download the geometry dash meltdown game from many sites on the web, make sure that you check the site’s authority and trust before you proceed for a safe download and installation of the game. The meltdown version of geometry dash is a very good and interesting action of the game itself, I will recommend every geometry dash player to have a try of this extension. Share your valuable feedback in the comments section below.