How To Install Xcode on Windows 10?

Software and Applications for a computer have made our personal computing experience awesome, thanks to the developers. There are a lot of operating systems used by different people nowadays, the most famous ones are Linux, Mac, and Windows.

You can create software or applications for Windows and Linux from any other operating system, as the developers let it free and open source. But it is not in the case of Mac operating system, the integrated development environment SDK for Mac Os is Xcode.

Xcode Windows is an IDE used for developing Mac software or applications, unlike the IDE of other operating systems, the Xcode can be used in Apple devices only. But there are some sneaky tricks to run the IDE on any other operating system, I will guide you the process for same in this post.

There is software known as virtual machines which enable the user to run an image file or ISO file in a software, the operating system is usually available in ISO format. So, in this post, we will see how to download the Apple Xcode image file and run it in any other OS.

Your computer must have at least 2 gigabytes of RAM and a decent processor to run 2 operating system simultaneously. So, make sure ou have 2GB+ Ram and dual or quad core processor.

NOTE: You will need an Apple ID in order to log in to the Apple website and download the Xcode Package.

How to install Xcode in Windows 10:

First of all, you need to download some software and image files from different websites, so follow the link provided below and download all the files required for us.

Link to download VMware Virtual workstation:

Link to download OS X image file:

Link to download Xcode Package: (download in virtual OS).

After downloading both the files, install the VMware workstation software in your Windows OS.

Now locate the OS X file and just open it with VMware software.

You will be prompted with windows asking the Name and type of the OS. Name: OSX and type are “Mac OS X”. And select 32 or 64-bit operating system accordingly.

In the next window, you will have to select the RAM size, Choose 40% of the RAM size which you have installed on your computer hardware.

Select Hard drive file type as “VDI (Virtual Box Disk Image)”

Now, you have to select the hard drive size for the virtual OS, it is flexible so choose the size according to your needs and click on Create.

Now the software will load for some time and you will have the MAC OS desktop, run it in full screen for good experience.

Now, head on to your Safari Browser and download the Xcode Package in the Apple website using your Apple ID.

After that install the application in your MAC OS as you install other applications.

That’s it! you have successfully installed the Xcode in Windows OS and you can now develop MAC OS applications from Windows itself. If you face any problem with the above method, feel free to comment below, we will help you.