Incident Report Templates Download And Use!!

An Incident Report template is something you assume that you would never need to use. But this report records details of an injury, accident, security breach, workplace incident or any kind of unexpected event. With the help of proper reporting, you can resolve the matter and prevent more incidents in future like this. But it is not easy to recall all the details that you should include when filling the form. With the help of incident report forms, you can always record all the important facts.

You should complete incident report form to –

  • Record all important details on the incident
  • Understand the circumstances which contributed to or caused the event
  • Find out strategies and methods to avoid same incidents in future
  • Record property damage or injuries
  • Improve security and safety measures in organizations

In case of an automobile accident, workplace incident or any incident where you suffered injuries, detailed incident reports serve as a key document and evidence for regulatory bodies and insurance companies. For example, you should complete them to file auto insurance claim or worker’s compensation.

As you know, details may fade with time. But you should complete incident reports ASAP to preserve important details. According to the type of incident as well as industry, these forms may vary slightly.

How to Write Incident Reports?

Download the Incident Report Templates from a concerned institution

Different organizations have different protocols to file a report and to deal with the incident. Follow all the instructions with the forms.

Start Report ASAP

Write the report exact same day incident takes place, if possible. Even a wait for a day or two fades important details in your memory. Write down all the small details you should remember when the incident happens.

Record all the Basic Facts

An incident report form has blocks to fill out details about the incident. Or you may report with a sentence which clearly states the date, time, and location of the incident (be clear; write exact location, street address etc.), your ID number and name, and names of other employees in the company who were present when this incident happened.

Add a line about the type of incident

Also, add what kind of incident it was and how it happened. If you’ve got the call, describe it well and also note the time you got it. Keep in mind that there is no need to write what you think might be happened. Stick to the facts and be clear.  

Be Clear

Be sure to write as much as possible to remember. Keep in mind – the more information, the better. If your report goes too wordy or long, don’t worry. You just have to report a clear and complete detail of what happened.

Also don’t use confusing, flowery words to explain what happened. Write clearly and concisely. Use to-the-point, short, fact-oriented sentences which don’t have chances for interpretation.

Be Accurate

Don’t write something that you are not sure about.

Be Honest

Even if you are not confident on how you dealt with the situation, be sure to write honest account.