Why Not To Buy Fake Degrees?


A Brief Dialogue on Why Not To Buy Fake Degrees

Nowadays, education scams have taken a new structure. It is no more concerned with assisting candidates for getting admission in reputed college or course or even misguiding them regarding any institution. Scammers are now offering direct degrees to the candidates without pursuing or attempting concerned courses. Most of such scams were done by the help of fraudulent websites which are known as ‘degree or diploma mills’. Though these degree mills are very impressive to call an attention of undereducated populaces still there are great reasons why not to buy fake college degrees in reality.

Reasons Why Not to Buy Fake College Degrees

There are various measures which are promoted as key features of owning fake degrees online. These features are, though, nothing but a mere illusion to distract and cut the pockets of the individuals easily. Some of these prominent aspects can be cross-checked in the following way:

Online legitimacy check: Almost every online degree mill services claim that candidates and employers can check the legitimacy of the certificate by accessing the website of the college and entering the details of the candidate. Candidates are not required to get worried about the documentation check, as employers will surely found the details on the website.   

But in reality, the current period is a Google phase and having such powerful tools in hands, employers can easily cross-check the legitimacy of the college and the degree of the candidate, together and at any point of time. This is the foremost reason why not to buy fake college degrees online. Instead, you can create fake transcripts if you want as it is less illegal as compated to buying a fake college degree altogether. 

The relevance of the institutions: There are various online institutions which have secured the legitimate authority to provide certificates, only to those candidates who are enrolled in their courses actually. But if any of the institutions circumvents the legal conditions or miss-interpret the rules and regulations of any law due to various loopholes, it would have been enlisted to the blacklist of the institutions, created by the state. Employers can reject any degree or certificate if they find the name of the institution in such lists.

The absence of genuine learning: in any regular or genuine course schedule, candidates are made to learn various things as part of their course. Now, in the case of fake degrees approach, in a way to just fetch a job, would not lead the candidate towards the much higher side of their career. Moreover, there are greater chances that even they would not get succeeded in fetching the job, to which they have obtained a fake degree.   

As another flip side of this aspect, it is also possible that this fake degree fraud may get exposed at later or higher stage of career, which may bring down any candidate to zero and from that point, there is surely no way to go but to just suffer.

Considering the above points, it can be seen easily that there are more cons than that of the pros of having fake degrees, sufficing enough as a reason why not to buy fake college degrees at all.


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